Contemporary, however, refers to décor that is much more current.

Even designs that were contemporary in the 2000s may no longer be considered contemporary but rather vintage.

In five or ten years from now, contemporary design will likely have a different look and feel than contemporary design today.

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Contemporary design is always evolving, it easily relates to other styles no matter what they are.

A space of almost any given style can have contemporary elements due to the very nature of contemporariness – that is, as a space’s design changes to accommodate the shifting preferences, tastes, and needs of the people who live there, that evolution inherently creates a contemporary space.

Traditional furnishings take on a contemporary look and feel when they are combined with lighter elements.

For example, blonde wood, an ombre rug, and a light grey color bring a decidedly contemporary vibe to this traditional-inspired sofa seating with its curves and tufting.


  • Neutral, masculine color palette
  • Sleek, clean lines
  • Colorful and/or oversized art
  • Clever storage solutions
  • Tailored, or nonexistent, skirts 
  • Color blocking
  • Black and reflective accents
  • Cozy, comfortable layers
  • Patterns

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