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Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP Sheet:

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Aluminium composite panel is popularly known as ACP Sheet. It is made up of aluminium composite material(ACM), which contains two thinly coated aluminium sheets. Being comprised of two distinct materials that is metals and non-metal, as aluminium is a metal and polyethylene plastic is a nonmetal, it overcomes the limitations and the drawbacks of the original material.

Why Choose ACP Sheet?

No material is as flexible as the ACP Sheets. Moreover, it is a modern age material that comes up with lots of practical and technical advantages over traditional materials.

  1. It’s lightweight
  2. It’s delightfully flexible
  3. It’s easy to work with
  4. It’s easy to install
  5. It can be installed real fast
  6. It’s durable & easy to maintain
  7. It’s cost-effective and
  8. It offers a wider variety of colors and textures.

Uses Of ACP Sheet

1. Façade or Cladding

The Simplicity, Great Evenness, The lightweight of it and the most Stretched out Shading Choices make Eurobond ACP a Designer’s Delight. ACP Panels can be used for cladding in the external architecture as well as in interiors due to its high durability and flexibility. Our ACP Sheets can withstand rigorous wear and tear being UV Resistant and extends the lifespan of the establishment.

2. Partitions:

All the office structures these days want to use the available floor space to the highest optimum levels. And to achieve this, they use internal partitions. The material which is in demand for being used in making these partitions are ACP Panels by Virgo. ACP is also one of the most cost effective variant among the range of partition materials. Therefore, it is widely used material in the construction world.

3. Signage

Eurobond ACP Sheet products have always emerged as the best in creating one-of-its-kind signages. Eurobond ACP encompasses all the major Aluminum signage materials for all of your signboard design needs. Our ACP can be used to make a range of versatile outdoor signages because signage and hoardings are used for outside applications and it need to withstand the temperature & weather changes. Therefore, in this case ACP is the ideal material to cater these applications.

4. Interiors

Gorakhpur Interior also offers world class building materials for all your interior application requirements such as facial panels, column covers, furniture, display units canopy etc. With an extraordinary range of finishes available at Eurobond ACP, it has become extremely easy to create wardrobes, bookshelves as well as other furniture units from Eurobond ACP as these are elegant and beautiful albeit being durable, water & stain resistant and light weight.

Full Form Of ACP .

Aluminum Composite panel or acp is flat panels made up of two thin coated aluminum sheets and a polyethylene core stuffed in between. ACP sheets are used for external cladding, interior application, and signage and are also available in a wide variety of colors and textures. They are highly flexible and lightweight, therefore, could be easily folded and bent.

Is Eurobond ACP sheet waterproof?

 ACP cladding sheets are weather proof, stain resistant and highly durable. The panels retain their colour, shape and size even after exposure to sunlight and weather changes making it ideal for all seasons.

Which Material are used to make ACP Sheets ?

Aluminium Composite Panels are composition of two thin aluminium panels with a film of thermoplastic polythene sensible in-between. Since there are several variations ACP sheet or Aluminium Composite Panels they can be used in the interior or exterior cladding, wall panels, signage, making fascia and such as display panels.

What Is Use For ACP Sheets ?

Now Aluminium Composite Panels are highly preferred for various applications as a construction material. They are used for Cladding, false ceilings, partitions, interiors, and signage.

Who Can Provide ACP Sheet At Lowest Wholesale Price ?

Gorakhpur Interior Can Provide Branded And Highly Durable ACP Sheets of Brand Name Eurobond ACP & Alumax ACP Sheet At Starting Price For Rs 50/sqft. ☎ +91-9454869668

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