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In the world of engineering and material usage, fenestration solutions have come a long way. Scoring high in both performance and aesthetics, customisable solutions from AIS are instrumental in covering all fenestration needs of the modern consumer. With the vision to educate customers, AIS Windows has envisioned a better and experiential way through our brand new AIS Windows Experience Centre.

Our door and window solutions have taken care of aesthetic, privacy, security, energy-efficiency, acoustic, and pollution control needs; however, experience proves to be a better guide for making purchase decisions than product catalogues and word-of-mouth communication. And with AIS Windows Experience Centreโ€™s launch at Lucknow, you can allow interactive and immersive experiences to shape your fenestration choices.

AIS Windows Experience Center is one of the Strategic Business Units of AIS โ€“ Indiaโ€™s leading integrated glass manufacturer. AIS Windows offers a comprehensive range of fenestration products in uPVC, wood and aluminium substrates. Available in a range of customizable options, AIS Windows are designed for use in both residential and commercial spaces.
AIS Windows enriches lifestyles through enhanced aesthetics while also offering varied solutions in acoustic comfort, privacy and security. It is one stop solution for all your doors and windows needs.


Address: 18, 250, opposite ICICI Bank, Sector 18, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016

  1. Feature-Enriched customised Solutions
  2. Wide Range of Design Choices
  3. High-Performance Glass
  4. Interactive Demonstrations
  5. Free In-Store Consultancy
  6. Immersive Digital Experience
18, 250, opposite ICICI Bank, Sector 18, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016
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