What is Marble?

Marble occurs in a very wide range of colors. Marble formed from the purest limestones is white in color.

Iron oxide impurities in the limestone will produce a yellow, orange, pink or red color.

Clay minerals can produce gray colors that often occur in bands after the compositional stratification of the original limestone.

Abundant bituminous materials can produce dark gray to black marble.

Marble that contains serpentine often has a green color.

Marble does not bear handling well as it will absorb skin oils when touched, which leads to yellow brownish staining.

While more resistant than limestone it is subject to attack by weak acids, and so performs poorly in outdoor environments subject to acid rain.

For severe environments, granite is a more lasting material but one which is far more difficult to work and much less suitable for refined works.


Marble, when done right, is incomparable as a building material.

Choosing when and where to use it, however, can make the difference between passe and beautiful.

Ways of using Marble in our house:


Marble excels in long, unbroken poles and slabs – it’s why it’s so commonly used to decorate auspicious lobbies in columns or receptions. While it still looks the part in other forms, you might not get the same level of texturing running throughout the piece

We can use Marble in kitchen effectively As

Benchtop:- We can use Marble as a Benchtop to put on the utensils,stove to cook and whatever the work we want to do instead of some stone or wooden Benchtop.

Tiling:- In this Modern Era,mostly everyone’s home is having flooring with marble tiles especially in Kitchens.


Tables:- We can serve coffee or tea on the table,keep on the remotes of Television,Put our snacks on evening etc.

If you’re using marble throughout the house, creating a uniform look for the tops of surfaces can go a long way to creating a cohesive ‘theme’ for your place. Serves excellently when serving as a higher level surface.


Tiling:- In bathrooms, you can use Marble tiles both on the ground and walls which gives a good look .

Bathroom Tub:- Although bath tubs are rarely used,if you want one it’s better with marble stone.

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