Wallpaper is a material used in interior decoration to decorate the interior walls of domestic and public buildings. … Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, gravure printing, silk screen-printing, rotary printing, and digital printing. Wallpaper is made in long rolls which are hung vertically on a wall.

Wallpaper is Very durable and will hold up to wear and tear of children, high traffic areas and many varieties are scrubbable.

‘Wallpaper is a key trend for 2020, and the insatiable appetite from consumers doesn’t look like abating any time soon. Whatever your taste, there is something everyone, from traditional florals and trompe l’oeil, to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs.

Wallpaper tends to be more durable than paint. Paint can chip and peel from moisture or accidental collisions, whereas wallpaper will stand up to most situations much better. This gives wallpaper greater longevity, meaning that you won’t have to go back and refinish the walls for years, or even decades in some cases.

You can see the decorative wallpapers in a well designed house making the looks of the internal part very spectacular.

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